Special Promotions

Special Promotions & Community Involvement » Nob Hill & Heights, Albuquerque, NM

Sandwich Card Promotion

    Here’s how it works:

  • Get a Lunch-time sandwich card from one of our staff
  • Buy 9 sandwiches between the hours of 11:30am and 4pm
  • Get your 10th sandwich free!

At O’Niell’s, our commitment to the community is central to who we are. Our founder, Rob O’Niell, wanted a place where neighborhood folks, businessmen, nonprofits, artists and musicians could congregate for some healthy fun and fellowship.

That’s why we…


  • offer a venue to local artists and musicians
  • provide financial support to organizations like High Desert Pipes and Drums
  • invite nonprofits to guest bartend to raise funds and awareness for their causes
  • promote local businesses on our website
  • offer weekly events like Geeks Who Drink