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O’Niell’s is proud to host a variety of special events at both pub locations.

Both locations offer:

  • Monthly exhibitions of local artists. (see calendar tabs for day and time)
  • Free, live music! Sundays at 4pm
  • Geeks Who Drink pub quiz. Nob Hill: Sundays @ 8pm and Wednesdays @ 9pm. Heights: Mondays @ 8pm and Saturdays @ 9pm
  • O’Niell’s Beer Battles. ongoing - Be a part our oniells beer battles and see which beer is a winner for you

August Events 2016 Nob Hill

Featured Artist: The Rainbow Artist
Showing August 7th – September 4th

August 27th| Geeks Who Drink: A Geeky Cauldron Quiz, 9-11pm
August 28th| Live Music: The Great Blue Whales, 4-7pm
August 28th| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 8-10pm
August 31st| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 9-11pm

Upcoming Featured Artist: Norm Gagne
Showing September 4th – October 2nd

September 4th|Live Music: Alchemie, 4-7pm
September 4th| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 8-10pm
September 7th| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 9-11pm
September 11th|Live Music: Jeez La Weez, 4-7pm
September 11th| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 8-10pm
September 12th| Art Reception by Norm Gagne, 5-7pm
September 14th| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 9-11pm
September 18th|Live Music: Watermelon Mountain Jug Band, 4-7pm
September 18th| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 8-10pm
September 21st| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 9-11pm
September 25th|Live Music: Jill Cohn, 4-7pm
September 25th| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 8-10pm
September 28th| Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz, 9-11pm

August Events 2016 Heights

Featured Artist: Lynda Burch
Showing August 7th – September 4th

August 20th| Geeks Who Drink, 9-11pm
August 21st| Live Music: Watermelon Mountain Jug Band, 4-7pm
August 22nd| Geeks Who Drink, 8-10pm
August 25th| Community Fundraising Night benefiting Mitchell Elementary, 5-8pm
August 27th| Geeks Who Drink, 9-11pm
August 28th| Live Music: Zink and The Oxides, 4-7pm
August 29th| Geeks Who Drink, 8-10pm

Craft Beer, Albuquerque, Geeks Who Drink Logo Image - O'Niell's Irish Pub

Nob Hill: Sundays @ 8pm and Wednesdays @ 9pm

Heights: Mondays @ 8pm and Saturdays @ 9pm

Geeks Who Drink quizzes cover everything from celebrities in trouble to wordplay to bad television. You can get a feel for the questions we ask by playing a sample round here. Each quiz has two audio rounds: a “Name that Tune” style round, and another round comprised of soundbites from movies and TV.

Play in teams of up to six or by yourself if you’re some kind of savant. If you want to play but don’t have a team, come anyway. We can usually get single players recruited onto an existing team. Winning teams gets street cred, bar cash and other prizes depending on the venue.

Bonus Questions for free pints are sprinkled throughout the quiz. You don’t have to be a trivia God to enjoy the quiz. Since you’re playing on a team, the collective knowledge base makes for more fun, less pressure. It’s not final friggin’ Jeopardy.

Geeks Who Drink Website

Nob Hill Featured Artist of the Month – August

Artist Statement
The Rainbow Artists
An award winning women’s collective established in Albuquerque in 1990, supports, promotes, and encourages women artists.  We embrace ethnic and artistic diversity. We strive to grow in our art and our association with each other.  And we share our talents and enrich our creativity and our community through collaborative exhibits and projects.

Contact:  Ginger Quinn, 505-247-2537 and Sue Pine, 530-401-3284

Nob Hill Featured Artist of the Month – September

Artist Statement
Norman Gagné- El Bosque del Rio Grande

These pictures are part of a series from work among the Cottonwoods in the Rio Grande Bosque which stretches along the river from north of Santa Fe to south of Socorro, one of the largest, continuous Cottonwood forests in the world.

El ViejoThe trees are threatened.  Cottonwood seeds need moist, fertile soil to germinate and grow.   Flood control efforts – the jetty jacks visible in some pictures are from earlier efforts – dams and diversions for human use and depletion of river flows from drought and climate change have all but eliminated seasonal inundation of the flood plain and have lowered water tables along the river’s course.  New trees are no longer naturally sprouting and growing fast enough to replace dying elders; humans must now plant nursery grown saplings in an effort to maintain the Bosque.  The outlook is guarded.

I respect these trees.  Many, certainly some of these, are my elders with seniority of decades, perhaps centuries over me; their ancestors many millennia over mine.  There is no attempt here to make them conform to my vision.  Individual trees have their own majesty, the forest a rhythm amidst complexity.  Nothing I do will improve them.  I try to understand them and to render them as fully and truly on a human scale as I can.

In every living thing there is the desire, for love, or for the relationship of unison with the rest of things.  That a tree should desire to develop itself between the power of the sun, and the opposite pull of the earth’s center, and to balance itself between the four winds of heaven, and to unfold itself between the rain and the shine, to have roots and feelers in blue heaven and innermost earth, both, this a manifestation of love: a knitting together of the diverse cosmos into a oneness, a tree. 

                                                                                                           Love Was Once A Little Boy   D. H. Lawrence



Heights Featured Artist of the Month- August

Artist Statement
Lynda Burch

All my adult life I have admired luscious, juicy watercolors and vowed when I could retire, I
would learn this art form. Never having studied art at all, I began in 1994, not waiting until
retirement. I see watercolor’s magic formula as 1 part water, 1 part color, and 1 part artist’s
intention. I love watching the colors mix together on the paper in unexpected patterns. The
mystery of the medium offers excitement as you listen to the art unfold on it’s own, letting go of
your control and experiencing spontaneous expressions on the paper. Yes, I am passionate
about watermedia and I hope my audience feels it also.

I like using color in a big vibrant way creating moods to set the tone of the work. Free, bold and
strong are words often used to describe my art. I am constantly turned on by new challenges
and love experimental methods using related water mediums such as acrylics, collage, inks and
layering techniques.

I have studied intensively, both at home and abroad, with many of today’s leading
watercolorists. I am a Signature Member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, the
International Society of Experimental Artists, International Society of Acrylic Painters, a juried
member of the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media and also a member of National Collage
Society. I have been juried into many shows throughout the Southwest in the last few years.
A native of Texas, I chose to move to Albuquerque with my husband Jack in l981 and wouldn’t
live anywhere else. I am currently showing in Amapola Gallery in Old Town,Fisher Gallery, 1620
Central, both in Albuquerque, plus the Museum Gift Shop at the Albuquerque Museum.


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Live Music

We have live music every Sunday, 4:00-7:00, free of charge, family friendly. O’Niell’s invites many genres, from bluegrass to Irish-Folk artists. See our calendar above for details on both locations!

If you have any questions or comments please contact Leo Dexter in Nob Hill at leo@oniells.com or Jonathan Sedillo in the Heights at jonathan@oniells.com

All live music performances are free of charge.

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