Happy Hour

Something to be happy about, twice a day, every day!

Happy Hour 4 – 7 p.m.
Late Night Happy Hour 10 p.m. – close

Our $3 Drafts:


Traditional Red Ale
Uniquely Irish! This complex medium-ale blends the nutty flavor of roasted barley with three varieties of hops to impart a rich malt flavor, hoppy finish, and a subtle hint of roasted barley. Herbal and fruity tones are also present due to the late addition of Mt. Hood hops.

Piper’s Pale
A distinct hop nose and hop-forward flavor make this the quintessential Pale Ale. It is aromatically complex, multi-layered, and unmistakably “right.” It is named after the owner’s dog, Piper. With a deep copper hue, medium body, and roasted caramel malt, the Piper’s Pale has a crisp taste with hoppy finish. For all its flavor, it’s refreshing and perfectly balanced.

Boulder Brewery Seasonal Tap
Boulder fanatics have learned to trust the brewmasters of Colorado’s first micro-brewery year-round. From their annual brews to the strictly seasonal flavors, Bouder’s brewery has developed a reputation for innovation and creativity. Since opening the first microbrewery in Colorado in 1979, the Boulder Brewery gang has constantly pushed the beer-world boundaries. Go ahead, try it, you may be tasting the next big thing in beer! Ask your server which unique beer is on tap today.

Enjoy well liquor of your choice for just $3!

Come out to our two Albuquerque, NM, locations and celebrate our late night happy hour! Enjoy our outdoor patio with a burger or dessert to compliment your drink! Bring your friends or your dog to join the fun.

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